mardi 22 mars 2011

VJ workshop avec Dominique Zeltzer-Russell

A concise history of Vjing 
From the zootrope to modern experimentation with space and 3D forms, where does it all come from – illustrated by a short film.

Vjing styles: Cinematic derives, Computer generated, etc. 
A timeline of digital art. What’s your style?

Size Matters (Urban Art and Architectural Mapping - painting the town)
When the support size changes the medium, large scale urban Vjing

The Medium: what is Video?
Getting a bit technical: PAL, NTSC, RGB, ALPHA Channel, pixel ratios, etc.
What all the jargon means and how does it affect your work.

Creating Content
How to acquire usable images, using cameras, buying stock footage and generating 2 and 3D computer images.

Legal issues
What is copyright? What are the boundaries? Using Creative Commons material.

Mixing with music
Where the magic starts - going with the groove

The best VJ programs presently on the market, from the top of the range to shoestring budget / free softwares

Minimum requirement to play any gig and the importance of knowing your equipment setup backwards and in the dark!
Rough overview of what can go wrong if you are not 100% prepared (power courses, cables, projector positioning, screens, computer and software) and how to overcome problems.

The Business Side: finding work and other ethical and business issues relating to Vjing
You know the art, you know the technique, but how do you get it out there? Negotiating and signing contracts, protecting your work and equipment.

Useful contacts and information: VJ Festivals, Forums, Websites, and Visual Sources

VJ Workshop requirements:
Your own laptop
Your favorite video editing software
Whichever adapter your laptop needs to output to a projector
Any personal footage you’d like to play with

Dominique Zeltzer Russell aka Vj Ozz

After graduating in Visuals Arts (Sorbonne, Paris) I made a living doing illustrations and paintings. Then seeking a more direct interaction with the public I changed orientation and for several years I produced musical happenings as part of the Parisian underground scene.
With economic realities becoming unavoidable, I established myself as a graphic designer (in a way returning to my roots... my father was a printer) and I became an artistic director for magazines in Paris and, later on, London.
Eventually my knowledge of graphic design widened, encompassing 3D and video, undoubtedly because I shared my life with a video editor. When he was offered a contract in Luxembourg I followed to work creating 3D indents for Festival TV.
After this experience I established myself in Luxembourg as a multimedia artist under the name of Ozz.
I discovered Vjing at a party and was so impressed that I decided that is what I wanted to do... Vjing is the synergy of all the disciplines I have ever worked with: graphic design, video, 2D and 3D animation.
For the past 10 year I’ve been vjing in various clubs and festivals in Luxembourg and Europe. I have just finished a residency of 3 years at The Point, Luxembourg.

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